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2019 Spring and Summer Fashion Elements Part I

Busy mom, busy life, sometimes we forgot to check what is trendy out there. That where Beiby Bamboo comes in, we went through the 2018 and 2019 early spring summer collection from big fashion week, like New Year Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week, and found out those fashion elements, in order to fit our mom's daily life, we selected those items below. 

Polka Dots

Polka Dots has been around for a while, this year, instead just Polka Dots, you can match with Geometric shape clothing, like Polka Dots top with geometric shape dress, or you can go Polka Dots top with simple one color pants. 

Bright  Color

This year you can see lots bright color clothing, in stead of bright color head to toe, grabbing this idea to mix into our moms daily wardrobe.  

One Cold Shoulder

Familiar with off shoulder clothing, now this year will be one cold off shoulder, I do like that idea, instead of show both shoulders, I prefer show one, coz you do not have to worry about the top slide down. 

Beach Maxi Dress/Pants

Maxi Dress has been around quiet while as well, different from before, this year, its adds the open cut pants style into the Maxi Dress, so its Maxi Dress pants if that make sense. 



This year, everything goes big, big hoop earring, signature earring, pears and seashells all also can be part of hoop earring components.  


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